Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finishing weekend

It's been another frigid weekend. That makes for good weather to stay in and finish long postponed projects!

The most recent Baby Surprise Jacket was sewn together, buttons and all.

Two baby sweaters that waited patiently for a very long time, had their buttons attached

Paul's Retrofit sweater became a finished, zippered sweater.

He modeled it, then promptly sat down to read. I guess he likes it!

(It is much better, now that it's the proper gauge, isn't it?)

My Rogue sweater got the sleeves sewn in, and the zipper inserted.

Girl of the House models it. She might borrow it, but it's too big for her, really.

Well, that took close to a year to complete. Whew...

And the "Easter Egg" roving was plyed, and is hanging to dry.

280 yards, 167 grams.

By the way, if you think using a tear away stabilizer would make zipper insertion easier, be really sure it tears away easily!

Also, a good tweezers is also a useful knitting accessory!

Just saying...


Guinifer said...

Those are some "totally awesome" finished sweaters!

Lisa said...

Honestly, I feel like I finish one sock to every 4 of your sweaters (adult sizes included). Everything looks lovely. I'm loving Paul's sweater. Might be on my future to do list for my hubby....

Anne Marie said...

You are so brave with the scissors and the zippers!