Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Couldn't resist...

The Kauni yarn was calling, whispering to me, luring me to it.

Well, it couldn't hurt to knit a little swatch, could it? That wouldn't take too much time away from holiday knitting?

(Swatch lesson learned from the Retrofit disaster.)

Oooh, that's fun! I like that!

Couldn't hurt to make the yarn into balls, could it?

It turned out that my four balls of yarn were really seven balls in disguise.

Only one ball of blue/purple/black was a complete ball. The other three balls were knotted and restarted in a different color order somewhere in the ball.

This required much more time than I anticipated - winding and rewinding.

I deserve a reward, don't you think?

Holiday knitting be damned...

I need to try this out!

Inch and a half of corrugated ribbing, and now onto the pattern. YAY!

And, by the way, I finished my carry around alpaca sox. Wore 'em to work today.

Funny, how small luxuries are so satisfying.


Guinifer said...

That Kauni is mouth-watering....

Lisa said...

Love, love, love. I want some Kauni, seriously...