Friday, December 12, 2008

hello Radio Heartland!

Here at 20 Acres and No Sheep, we love our music. Music of all varieties.

We also love electronics.

For years, first thing in the morning while showering and getting ready, we've been listening to public radio: The Morning Show with Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole.

Bad news. After 25 years on the air, Thursday December 11 was the final show. Jim Ed retired.

So, now what?

Good news! Dale's going to have a morning show on the new Radio Heartland. (This is so cool - go have a look at the amazing playlist!)

Bad news! It's only streaming internet or HD radio.

Good news! We ordered an HD radio for the bathroom, and it arrived just in time!
We tuned in this morning. love it!

HD radio is way nifty. Check out the digital notification of what song is playing.

I sense we'll be investing in HD tuners for the stereos in the rest of the house!

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