Monday, December 8, 2008

Rag rug repair (ooh, alliteration)

While I did get some knitting and a bit of dyeing accomplished on Sunday, the majority of my fiber fun was in repair.

I picked up this rug in 1991 at an auction. It's a lovely old wool rag rug, braided and sewn together.

It's been in a variety of rooms over the years. It currently lives in the family room, near the entry door.

It's been pulling apart in a number of places. I've kept putting off the repairs, and more holes kept appearing.

Sunday was repair day.

It turned out to have thirteen places it needed to be sewn back together.

I hunched over on the floor and stitched 'em all back together. (Yay for naprosyn! I'm not as flexible as I used to be.)

Looks better now, doesn't it?

(Don't ask how many times I stabbed myself with the big old needle!)

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Rani said...

Looks like new! Why to be thrifty!!!