Friday, December 5, 2008

Less Kauni, more holiday

I've managed to tear myself away from the Kauni cardigan and start some holiday knitting.

A surprise project, to be named later.

I am still knitting on the Kauni.

I can't wait for the next row, to see how the colors will look.
So I end up "After this row I'll stop. OK, after
this row I'll stop. Well, maybe one more."

Girl of the House went to town last evening for Northfield's Winter Walk, our big winter to-do. Downtown was all decorated, lots of special events, even a parade. It's mostly a shopping extravaganza. (We dropped her off, sneaking the back way into town. Don't like the crowds. And, man, it was cold!)

Her middle school choir walked in the parade, singing carols. After the parade, they broke into small groups, walking about town, caroling.


Guinifer said...

I hope she was bundled up because it was REALLY cold. Just walking from my car to the hockey rink was almost unbearable!

Lisa said...

I love caroling. Speaking of love, that sweater...mmmmmmmm!