Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas at Luther

Yesterday, we made it to "Christmas at Luther". Last year we were snowed in, and unable to go.

No photos were allowed. TPT2 from St. Paul was there filming the concert for broadcast on PBS. (You can see it on your local PBS station, beginning Dec. 22 - check for local listings)

It was a marvelous concert, aurally and visually. Symphony, band, six choirs and a handbell group.

Ben is in the Collegiate choir.

So, what do they wear under their choir robes?

If you are a reading addict, you strap a book to your back with an ace wrap.

Then you are always ready for any downtime!

Four and a half hours of driving time, and two hours of concert gives plenty of knitting time.

The only simple stockinette
(good for knitting in the dark) project in the works, is Paul's Retrofit sweater.

I finished the second sleeve, and began the body (for the second time).

I'm just reknitting right from the old. No point in spending time raveling and reballing! That last little bit of old sleeve is rapidly disappearing.

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