Monday, December 1, 2008

BFL vs Merino

Spun and plied - my recent purchases.

Brown, blue and cream is a navajo plied Blue-Face Leicester.

Green and purple is a two ply Merino.

Both were skeined on the same niddy-noddy, so they should be the same length, right?

Here you can see the bottom of the skeins, hanging to dry.

Here's the top of the skeins. Not the same, at all!

You can see that the merino has more bounciness and pulls in. It will easily stretch to the length of the BFL.

Just demonstrates the difference in the fibers.

Cool, eh?


Guinifer said...

Very cool! You are a spinning machine, methinks!

(Also, how many school years did I battle so I wouldn't have to wear a skirt out in the snowy weather, and there goes your boy! He's nuts!)

Lisa said...

I agree with Guinifer, you definitely are a spinning machine. Loving the yarn and want to squeeze it for some reason. It looks really smooshy.

I especially like the blue green one. Very nice!