Monday, June 1, 2009

A battle with gauge, again

Several inches into Bekky's sweater, I realize it's going to be too small. She's a tiny little thing, but this would have been a very snug fit.

So I battle again with my old nemesis - gauge.

I'd been using the size five needles called for in the pattern. I believe I'll have to go up to a size seven to accommodate my loose knitting.

Goodbye sweater number one. Here's hoping there is only a sweater number two; not a number three, or a number four.

I've been gradually plugging away, washing the Coopworth fleece.

It has a wonderfully long staple,

and washes up a beautiful soft white.

Girl of the House has a soccer problem. She's addicted, I think.

She got a last minute call this evening. "Can you play up with our team? We're short several players." They literally discovered they were short when they turned up at the soccer field.

She threw on her soccer duds, and we were off to the game. Luckily, it was a home game!

She has practice Tuesday evening, she'll play up with the U14 team again Wednesday evening, she's off to a game in Rochester on Thursday, and practice Friday evening.

It's gotta be love.


Guinifer said...

I have no girls (sadly) at my house, but my neighbor lets me borrow hers from time to time. The 13-year old's U13 team (we call her the Prom Queen) won a huge tournament this weekend and will be travelling to SD to play in July - we are so excited for her!

Rani said...

It's always a pleasure when your child finds a passion and they really have fun with it!

Bekky said...

Despite the delay, the colors you chose look great!