Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad Dog part two, or was it three? Or maybe even four...

It's always nice to come home to a package in the mailbox.

A new Emily spindle from Adam's Workshop (Mielke's Farm). Love the quick service, love the spindle!

With your sharp eyes, I bet you can detect why there was a spindle in the mail. The new Emily is to replace the most recent no-no-bad-dog disaster.

We thought we had dog proofed the house, at least enough to leave the younger dog out of his crate during the day. The big dog has never been a chewer.

My spindle bag was left on a side table. When we came home, he had taken the bag down, ripped it open and scattered the contents through the house. He chewed up my favorite spindle. He chewed up my lovely little niddy-noddy. I just can't believe he ate right through the bag!

Paul sent a photo of the ski team up on Beartooth pass.

They're having a blast.

Doesn't look much like June, does it?


Rani said...


(your dog and Leo really need to meet . . . in a padded room. . . no, Leo would eat the padding)

Bad dog!

Good snow picture!

coleen~ said...

UGH! But i know the feeling; barely a tooth mark on a camera card...lost ALL of those pix, and there were a lot on it. Periodically, we'll have something shorn thru and if not, they'll bring in pine cones and shred them on the floor. THat is just a pain, not heartbreaking tho.

how do you teach a dog not to jump up? That is my struggle now.

The snow looks fabulous. Altho, I have to admit that I am a teeny-weeny bit glad that I am not in it right now. When do they get back? Was curious if GotH wants to Wii at all this weekend.

coleen~ said...

you know, going back to the photo...looks kinda like 2 madonna tits....

oh, and the jumping up is just ONE of my struggles now....

Lisa said...

Ugh. I remember those days. Sorry it's happening to you too. Just think, a LONG time from now, you really will look back and laugh....I promise.

Guinifer said...

Wow - we have the same problem, but ours only chews when he's in the back room of the knitting items back there. He's spending a lot more time in his crate.

Kaur said...

Oh gosh. I'm happy my dog leaves my stuff alone.
- One thing I don't understand is why someone will drive for hours to "enjoy" the snow, when it finally has melted!