Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh from the farm

After a year of being on the waiting list, we are IN!

I picked up the first installment of our CSA (Community Supported Ag) allotment Wednesday, on my way home from work. (Another cool thing - the farm is on my route between the hospital and home. I can watch this stuff grow all summer!)

There were tons of fresh greens, some for salads, and some for cooking. Some spicy greens and some mild greens. There were fresh scallions and garlic, and the nifty white things that resemble radishes, but aren't radishes.

I'm going to have to take notes when she explains what everything is so I can tell Paul and GotH what they're eating. It all made sense when she explained the veg, and they were labeled. But I don't remember what they all are!

I can't remember what she said the greens with the flowers are, but I DO remember that they are for stir-fry, and the flowers are supposed to be included. Now, that'll be a change for us!

Thanks to Open Hands Farm!


Rani said...

Wow! That looks so cool! I can't see what you make with all of it! You could never find that in a grocery store and if you did, I bet the taste just wouldn't compare.

Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Mircale? (Barbara Kingsolver)

RuthieJ said...

Good for you!
I heard someone talking about CSA at Master Naturalist class last night and I didn't know what it meant -- now I do, since reading this post. Thanks Tonyia!

coleen~ said...

I wish we could find a CSA here. there is a great blog that I may have sent to is a MSP couple who documented their season of CSA.
go to the far left and in their recipe lists, go to csa. If nothing else, the photos are quite colorful!