Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back to the prairie

They made it to Red Lodge safely.
Their house this morning, down near town.

Up at the pass, they had 10 inches of fresh powder. That's what they're there for, so let it snow!

I headed back out to McKnight Prairie to see if the cactus had bloomed. It rained almost an inch here on Saturday, so the tall grasses were wet.

The dogs and I got soaked.

And the cactus isn't blooming yet.

Plenty of other prairie flowers are blooming!

Back home, in the pasture, the raspberries should really go to town now they've been watered!


Jenn said...

Hey! They are in the same state as me :-)

It snowed here this weekend also. It didn't stick on the roads, just the trees and grass, bu it's the first time I had seen snow in June!

Guinifer said...

Suddenly, I feel as if I am living in a Rainforest.

Unknown said...

The blooming flowers are beautiful. I love how you edited them together.