Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Success and failure

Some of the deck garden veg pots are doing well.

The potatoes are emerging. (I guess that soon I need to cover up most of these greens with more soil so they produce more potatoes?)

The tomatoes are growing like crazy.

The parsley has filled the pot. Should have used a bigger pot?

And then, there is the basil.

Who'd have thought you could overwater basil? At least that's where I believe the problem lies. These look worse than they did the day I potted them!

And, you'll notice, there are no pictures of the poor nibbled up tomatos and peppers from the garden out by the shed. They are very sad to see.


Rani said...

My basil looks the exact same! I was told it's because of the cool nights. They hate cold! Bring them in at night until the temps are nice and warm and it's supposed to perk up again.

And yes - we just started piling up dirt around the taters, too! Isn't it such a learn-as-you-go process . . . hmmm. kind of like knitting!

Our tomatoes are not looking so hot.

Gwen said...

Very jealous that you have any plants at all!!! I'm stuck in a small apt with little sunlight. It is all I can do to keep my cactus alive!!! Enjoy the taters!

coleen~ said...

Did you start with just enough dirt to cover the first layer of potatoes? We've just heard that you do that and once they pop up, then you add more dirt and more potatoes...keep that going all the way up the sack. It sounds like fun but then you won't really see y our little multi colored flowers.... Also, how do you do that with just your 12 organic potatoes???

When is GotH out of school?

Guinifer said...

The Basil is very susceptible to pests when they get over watered too.

Bekky said...

Our next door neighbor came over and gave us a tomato plant as well as a sad looking cilantro. Hopefully we can keep both alive over the summer!