Sunday, May 31, 2009

Move along, no knitting to see here

It's been a busy week. Ben came home from college for a whirlwind week of organizing his things, preparing to move into a summer house with friends, and spending our money.

Funny how much money you can spend on a kid that's only home for a few weeks each year....

I helped him move back to Iowa on Saturday. I drove down one truck load of stuff, and we stopped at the grocery store to stock him up on healthy food. He's sharing a house with five friends and his sweetie, Bekky. (I don't know why there is a flaw in the picture from my fancy new camera?)

Sunday we did some hiking and geocaching.

Did you know there were cacti in southeast Minnesota? It sure was a first for us!

We're going to head back out to McKnight Prairie in a few days to see if this prickly pear bloomed.

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Rani said...

Happy homecoming!

And I have GOT to get out there and try that geocaching thing. What do I need? (I'll google it)