Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is coming to Minnesota - finally!

We got out early Saturday morning and grabbed some brand new geocaches in the cool, crisp, sunny morning. It was unusually warm for Minnesota in March.

We got to see some wild turkeys doing their spring chase of the females.
Can you tell one of these males has a beard that goes all the way to the ground? We've never seen one quite that long/large...

There were some beautiful panoramas to enjoy.

On the geocaching site, someone mentioned that this area looked like a Maakestad painting. We weren't familiar with Maakestad.

Apparently, we should be.

See the silos on the right, with the barn roofline? Now, go look at this painting.
The silos and barn are the same - I should have taken the picture a bit more to the left.

We may be in the market for some oil pastels. These are gorgeous, and they are local. And they're amazing.

It was good to get the cache-mobile out of the shed and rev her up for the spring weather.

The nice weather continued. Today I even got the sheets out on the clothesline. Now that will be a treat for sleeping tonight!


Rani said...

Wow. You're right! It really does resemble the painting. Doesn't this warm air feel wonderful?

Unknown said...

It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend. I love the third picture seen through the high grass. (I think your picture is better than the painting, but then I'm probably art-challenged.) :)

Guinifer said...

I'm surprised that bird doesn't trip over his beard!

Kaur said...

I realyy love the picture with the red barn!
I cant wait until the weather gets warmer over in Norway. 15 cm - that would be about 6 inches of that white stuff fell from the sky yesterday...