Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kitchen details

We found a place to put the mixer!

It involved rearranging, cleaning, and organizing the pantry closet.

Criminy - we've got alot of stuff in there.
And I tossed some really outdated goods.

Which led to rearranging, cleaning and organizing the fridge.

We put together the two bottles of Irish Cream we found hiding in the dark back corners.

Hanging out in the far back, deepest corner of the fridge was this bottle of Bartles and Jaymes berry wine cooler.

Neither Paul nor I have ever liked wine coolers. We used to keep some in the fridge for a visiting friend.

However, this particular bottle of berry cooler was purchased two houses ago - in 1994. How do they age? Do they improve like fine wine? Now we have to keep it, don't you think?

How 'bout you? Whats the oldest thing in your fridge?

Back to that mixer:

We purchased it at Kitchen Collection at the Medford, MN outlet mall. It looks like they have locations all over in outlet malls. This is the one we bought - it's refurbished and only has a six month warranty. But it was a heck of a good price, and we figure it's been looked over in detail, so it should stand up. So far, so good!

Our last mixer, a Mixmaster, lasted about a year. If this one lasts two years, we're about the same on yearly mixer expenditure - so we'll gamble on the refurb...

We were out for a walk today.

Paul's Retrofit sweater is just the right weight for this 30 degree weather.

(And I think he looks darn good in it!)


Guinifer said...

I've had my KitchenAid for over ten years - it is a workhorse!

His sweater looks fantastic! Really nice.

coleen~ said...

I can't wait til we redo the kitchen here and have plugs in the cabinets for the mixer & the super duper super sucker & the coffee maker and the microwave & the toaster oven.... I love having them off of the counters...

hope you had a great weekend. just had about 7 ppl over for dinner after the nascar race. it was fun. the neighbors came for a bit but didn't stay for eats. i'm a bit tipsy. guess i should go walk the dogs to work some of it off....