Sunday, March 15, 2009

I just flew in from Canada

and boy are my arms tired!

Paul spotted a Common Redpoll outside on the ground under the feeders.

According to the information we've found, they're rare around here in the winter. They prefer Canada and north.

This little Redpoll was sleeping peacefully, head tucked under his wing.

When Paul started snapping pictures, he raised his head and looked right at him.

Apparently deciding that Paul was safe, he tucked his head back under his wing and resumed his nap.

Perhaps where they normally live, they don't have predators to worry about?

We were glad to see him fly away before one of the outdoor cats had some Canadian bird for supper. We later spotted a female on another feeder. His mate?

This has been my carry around knitting project lately.

It's a scarf from the silk caps I finished spinning in October.

There's about 2 feet so far, and it's light as a feather.


coleen~ said...

So who did he buy that camera for??? heehee! way cool.

Rani said...

The poor little thing must have been exhausted!