Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the weather changes

Monday I enjoyed another beautiful sunrise.

Many thanks to those bleepin' dogs with the internal alarm clocks. Don't they realize this is vacation?!

We geocached our way north to Grand Marais.

While we parental units walked more sedately on the walkway of the breakwater,

Girl of the House jumped rocks along the edge.

(Me? I've grown quite fond of all my never- before-broken bones, thank you very much.)

We were informed there was a big storm coming in on Tuesday.

Sure enough, by the time we made it back to our temporary home the winds had changed, rolling around to the North East.

The wind change started to blow the thin sheet of ice remaining on the lake to our shoreline.

As it hit, it shattered like shards of plate glass

The sound was that of old glass windchimes, clinking and clanging in the breeze.

There is a remarkable resemblance to plate glass, don't you think?

This morning around seven, the snowstorm really began.

There's no ice left on the lake beyond what is far out in the depths.

GotH felt brave.

She headed out with the camera.

We, less brave, took her picture from a warmer environment.

The lake is amazing this morning.

This will be a good day for snuggling in with the fire.


Rani said...

That is one moody lake. The ice is like a work of art, though, isn't it? I remember once watching icebergs float by. Would you believe I swam in that lake and would come out the color of a lobster and a roarin' brain freeze.

Unknown said...

Another set of great pictures. I really love the plate glass description of the ice too.

coleen~ said...

great photos! Of course! I especially love the one of GotH out taking photos...almost looks like it was created by some other means other than a camera!

sillyewe said...

Oh I love the pic that looks like broken glass. Just a marvelous shot. I can't imagine EVER swimming in it, though. I need 85* water even to think about getting in. LOL