Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Picture for My Mom

I'm babysitting her Christmas Cactus while they are wintering in Texas.

We tend to keep our house too cold for the cactus to be happy enough to bloom, but apparently this year it's hardened up and decided it HAS to bloom, cold weather be damned. (We aren't telling it that it missed Christmas.)

Of course there are only four blooms so far...


In other progress, I've finished both sleeves on the Kauni cardigan.

I'm particularly proud of the way the sleeves match in color. I attempted to get them both started at the same point in the color sequence, and I think it worked!

Now, on to the collar and the front bands.


Anonymous said...

I love CHristmas cacti! My Grandmother had a huge one in her home in upstae New York. When she dies, my mother took a cutting from is and now has her own huge plant. I took a cutting from Mom's and have a plant also. I always think of my Grandmother when I see the blooms!

Lisa said...

The fact that you haven't killed the plant makes you one up on me.

Also, LOVING the progress on your cardigan. I'm seeing the end in sight. Still afraid for the steeking but I'm thinking that's my issue...