Friday, March 6, 2009

Lake 20AcresNoSheep

We headed out for a walk before making our Friday pizza. (Tonight the movie is Australia)

It was also a good opportunity to get pictures of the Lopi cardigan in action.

The snow's all melting, and we are now owners of a lake property.

It starts by running through the pasture.

Heading down to the corner, becoming the official Lake 20AcresNoSheep.

Eddying in the corner, traveling under the road in a gradually thawing culvert.

What can't make it through the culvert flowed over the road earlier in the day, leaving parts eroded away.

The remainder comes out on the arboretum side of the road.

Rushing to meet more melting snow from the arb.

And, finally, heading toward the river.

We returned, and my screwy family commenced playing Mario Cart on the Wii.

Of course, you must dress appropriately for racing!

But it makes it difficult for that Friday night adult beverage!

(Really shouldn't drink and drive. I'll bet you can guess who won the race.)

PS. Hang tight - tomorrow I'll post info about purchasing the mixer!

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Anonymous said...

Seems pretty cold out there...