Monday, February 23, 2009

My Kauni cardigan is getting a sleeve!

Why, yes that is a new sofa. Thank you for noticing.

We finally parted with the 18 year old sofa. I think we got our moneys worth.

(I truly understand why our parents have ancient sofas. There's no point rushing into anything, is there?)

Georgie likes it very much.

I've also been spinning up some merino/alpaca/silk I dyed last year.

Funny how two bobbins can look so different?

Paul and I headed out for a walk after work. It's in the teens here today. All the snow will start to melt again tomorrow - it's due for the upper thirties.

Our old topless silo.

View from the Waterford bridge.

Paul took more amazing bird photos this weekend.

Here's Mrs. Red-bellied woodpecker.


Guinifer said...

I love the picture of your silo.

Unknown said...

Oh I love the picture from the bridge. The silo is interesting too. That new camera is really shining with your skills.