Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Sunday

We had Sunday dinner with most of Paul's family today.

We got to play with little E - our grand-nephew. He'll be one year old in early March, and he's cute as a bug!

After dinner, Paul and I headed out to the arboretum for a walk.

A quick stop at the river, looking for eagles, but no luck.

Looks like a frozen creek, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, it's the trail. Most of the trails in the arb looked just like this.

We shortened our walk to only 2.5 miles.

We were afraid we'd fall and break some sort of important bone. Getting out of there with a broken body part could be extremely difficult!

Paul's been practicing with the camera.

He got these great shots of cardinals at one of our feeders.

Looks like we might be wrestling for the camera!


Unknown said...

I especially like the reflection off the water. Very nice pictures!

Guinifer said...

He's adorable!

Our Cardinals never stay put long enough for me to get my camera focused!