Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunny Saturday

We had fresh snow through the night and woke to a sparkly sunny morning.

We sat in the sun, drank our coffee, listened to Radio Heartland and perused the morning paper.

Paul had plenty of help when it came time to do the sudoku puzzle.

I did a little spinning before beginning the work of the day.

This is the merino/tencel that came from Chameleon Colorworks last month. I'm spinning it from the fold in an attempt to make it a fluffy laceweight. Is a fluffy laceweight even possible?

The Lopi cardigan has the ends woven in and is blocking.

There are two stores in town that sell buttons. Neither had anything even remotely appropriate.

So now it's either drive a minimum of 50 miles roundtrip (for buttons!!) or order online. Rats! Should have thought of this a while ago, eh?

While putting away the needles I used for the Lopi, I noticed these beauties. My size 1 Addi Turbos with definite kinks in 'em.

I don't even know how this happened. They've been hanging in an organizer with all the other circular needles. None of the others are damaged.


Well, as long as I'm ordering buttons, I'll may have to shop needles too...


Lisa said...

Looks like the addis were attacked by a dog possibly? Bummer. My cat likes to nibble on my bamboo. I feel your pain...

Rani said...

a knitting poltergeist? I hope not - not with that gorgeous sweater lying around. Laying? Anyway, good luck on those buttons!

Lorraine said...

OUCH! So strange.

Good luck on the button hunt. At least you can multi-task by shopping for needles.

Guinifer said...

Is somebody not telling you something? It looks like they were slammed in a car door!

(Gorgeous sweater)