Sunday, February 8, 2009

RVs and possums

We headed out to the RV show in downtown Minneapolis last evening.

There was repeated evidence of the recession. We've been attending this show for years. Usually, it fills all the domes in the convention center and overflows into additional rooms. This year, only about 80% of the dome space was filled, and there were no displays in the additional rooms. There were definitely less people in attendance, too. (Of course, at $10 admission/person and $10 to park, that could eliminate some lookers, too!)

The neatest new thing we came across was this toy hauler camper by Outback. You can see it has a second floor loft! And a TV in it for those who can't go camping without some mindless entertainment. It actually was very cool. In the right surroundings, it'd be a great place to sleep. Not such a cool place to be in many wooded campgrounds, though.

I was sitting, doing our taxes, when the little dog had a barking fit.

Looking outside, I thought he was just barking at a cat under the pine tree. On closer inspection, it was a possum. Mr. possum hung out most of the afternoon.
Funny ugly/cute thing..

After cooling through the night in the crockpot, the merino rovings have come out to dry.

I think this colorway will spin up beautifully.


Guinifer said...

I kind of like those little 'possum faces.

Pretty bumps from the crockpot too.

Rani said...

Gorgeous roving! YUMMY! I wonder what it will be . . .

That camper is the coolest thing EVER! I have never seen or heard of such a thing. I wonder if they rent them yet . . . hmmmmmm.

Mr. Possum best keep away from your dog. I've heard they can quite often be carriers of rabies.

Lorraine said...

Ooooh, how are you going to ply it?

I have a space dyed roving that I'm a little scared of - don't know how to ply it.