Monday, February 16, 2009

Late to the party

I return to steek, yet again.

The Kauni cardigan is ready to have the sleeve steeks cut.

The sleeve stitches will be picked up around the steek and knit down to the cuff.

I've always sewn my steeks on the sewing machine, as I did last week for the Lopi cardigan.

For this cardigan, I've decided to try a crochet steek. I took the instructions from Meg Swansen's Sweaters from Camp . On the interwebs, a really good tutorial is on Euny Jang's old blog, See Euny Knit.

The visible yellow is the crocheted steek.

And I'm late to the party. This is a great way to steek! Why have I never tried this before?!

Look at that nice neat edge after I've cut. I'm very pleased! This a technique I'll permanently add to my repertoire.

Here's the newest colorway from the crockpot.

Yes, I can use something other than blues and greens!

Personal growth? Perhaps, but not of a very important variety. But I'll take it wherever it comes...

Hey Minnesotans! Did you all have this fabulous sunrise today?

There was a column of light extended far into the sky. Gorgeous.

I didn't take the camera with me to work. I tried to take a pic with my cell phone with very little success.

Paul took this photo before he left for work. Like I said, I'm going to have to wrestle him for the camera!


Unknown said...

Tell Paul his picture is incredibly beautiful. I love how the dark trees contrast against the sky.

Rani said...

It is a rare day that I get my butt up to see a sunrise. And if I am up that early, I am very grouchy and blind until a shower and cup of coffee have been accomplished.

So thank you for sharing that beautiful picture. Perhaps I should try to enjoy some of those sunrises some day. . .

Lisa said...

Every time I read about how you have the courage to cut your yarn, I'm amazed. Very brave. I'm slowly working my way to that point.

I am in LOVE with the colors of the roving. It definitely has my vote. Can't wait to see it spun up.

Beautiful sunrise too.

Ellen said...

I love the Lopi Sweater! I've bought yarn for two - one for me and one for Youngest Child - but they won't be in the running until fall.

I definitely recommend the FLS: quick, easy to memorize and nice to wear - and the Ultra Alpaca is so cozy. My sweater is a little large so I'd recommend using either a thinner yarn or making a smaller size.

Nice bird photos also! said...

You are ahead of me on this one. I agree the idea of cutting the yarn would give me palpitations! And I love, love, love the colorway. Is it Cushings? Old Gold?

coleen~ said...

love the new colors! Of course, I love the "old" colors as well! Color should be your middle name!

I simply love BLOGS!!! Way easier than the web pages that I used to do and since everyone does them, I can feel like I am a part of your lives!

I miss you!!! give my love to P&B&C...oh, and Paris & Chip too!

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful picture...part of why we live in MN, I guess!