Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cutting the steek

We made it out to Sioux Falls, SD this past weekend for a goodbye party for Paul's brother and his wife. They've had it with the northern cold and are moving to Georgia. (A fabulous job promotion helped to weight the scales in favor of the move.)

We'll miss them immensely. Sioux Falls is only a four hour drive. Georgia will take a bit longer, but we'll get there!

Anyway, there was lots of road knitting time.

The Lopi sweater reached the point of steeking. Tonight I took it to the sewing room.

See the two purled stitches in the center? That's where I'll sew.

Two rows of stitching. I prefer to use a small zig zag stitch - it catches more yarn.

I cut carefully between the two lines of stitching.

Now it's ready for adding the button band and collar!

These were some of the colors I auditioned for the contrast on this sweater. I ended up sticking to my original choice.

But if I want more Lopi knitting, now I'm ready!

1 comment:

Rani said...

OK. Not sure what steeking is, but it looks absolutely terrifying.

Georgia is a great place to visit relatives. Hope they have a guest room!!