Monday, September 22, 2008

Twenty One Soon

My boy child will be 21 this coming Sunday.

Old enough to vote in his first Presidential election.

Young enough to enjoy birthday gifts that say "For ages 4+" on the box.

A pirate at heart.

We headed down to Decorah, IA to see him this past weekend.

It was parents weekend. They even put on a concert for us.

My dad came with us for the weekend.

He hadn't been to Luther, so he got the grand tour from Ben and lovely girlfriend Becky.

Dad camped with us for the weekend, a few miles outside Decorah. We had a campsite right on the Upper Iowa River.

He and Girl of the House skipped rocks and looked for fossils on the bank.

We had gorgeous weather - into the 80s.
Extraordinary weather in September!

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Clockwerk said...

what ever happened to that other really cool neato sweater that you were working on for the cooler weather?