Monday, September 1, 2008

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AT ALL - not a lick.

It was the final weekend of official summer.

Paul took Friday off to get Ben back to college. Before taking him down, he ran to Sakatah Lake State Park and dropped off the camper.

After work, I met Harlan and Coleen, keepers of the Girl of the House for the past week, in Faribault. A quick trip to the wine mecca - Haskell's - and we were off to Sakatah.

Started a campfire, put supper on the grill, and so began the holiday weekend. Harlan and Coleen stayed for supper. Paul made it around 9:30.

Early Saturday morning - 6:45 - the dang dogs woke us to go outside. We walked down to the lake for coffee. It was a bit farther than we usually undertake; about a half mile to the lake. But well worth it.

Sakatah State Park is on the Sakatah-Singing Hills Trail, a great paved trail that stretches 39 miles from Faribault to Mankato.

We did some bike riding, and some geocaching.

There are tons of caches along the trail, and several in the state park. We added 9 geocaches to our count.

(I discovered I can take a picture while riding a bike! Who'd have thought?)

We came home on Sunday. With the GotH being absent from home for near a week, we had a number of things to prepare.

We headed to the city today, for some last minute school clothes shopping.

Before we headed north, we headed to three brand new geocaches. They were just published this morning, and we were first to find on all three.

This was taken at the location of the most difficult find.

Yup, this is me, high in a tree above the lake. Getting up was a bit tricky, but do-able. Then I was sure I was stuck. However, Paul and GotH refused to bring me my meals for the rest of my life, and the bathroom situation was a bit iffy, so I slowly made it down.

At least I made it down without falling in the water.

I think I'm too old for tree climbing. Isn't that why I married a younger man?!

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coleen~ said...

be careful clicking and riding! i am not very competent on 2 wheels so i am wobbling all over the place when i do it. but the photos are great!!! C emailed and seems like she had a good day at school. i'm so happy to hear that. take care. not sure if we are coming up this weekend, we'll let you know....