Sunday, September 14, 2008

Morning coffee spot

Here's our coffee spot from this Saturday morning.

Anyone guess?

Here's Sunday morning. Does this help?

We went to Temperance River State Park for the weekend.

It's on the shore of Lake Superior. We reserved our favorite campsite, months ago.

We planned to be on the shore, awaiting the rising of the (almost) full moon over the great lake.

Unfortunately, we arrived after 9 pm on Friday. The moon was risen, and beautiful, over the lake. We looked forward to seeing it Saturday evening. But it began to rain late Saturday afternoon, with the attendant clouds. No moon at all to be seen through the clouds.

And yet, we had a great time. When we couldn't be outside, we played cards and listened to the iPod. We played cribbage, we played RAGE. I am the RAGE champion. Three out of three games. (We won't discuss cribbage...)

It was my birthday this weekend.

Look at the gift from the Girl of House gave:


She did dishes all weekend. Now, really, that is a gift!

We did some hiking before the rain began.
We found the State Park geocache, after a few geocaching challenges. Perhaps reading a map is not one of my strong suits - especially now that I'm another year older!

There is so much to see in this park, beyond the Lake.

There were tons of people at the beginning of the trails, but they thinned out the farther we went from the road.

I started and finished another hat from handspun while on the drive. (Temperance is 275 miles from home.)

Recognize this yarn?

It's the spindled yarn from our Colorado trip.

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