Sunday, September 28, 2008

new address

I finally, after purchasing the domain name more than a year ago, managed to figure out how to link my blog to the domain!

Yes, I DO currently work with computers for a living. (wince)

My new location for the blog is

Cool, eh?

If you continue to log in at, it will still direct you to my new domain.

Paul and I took the dogs for a walk this morning in the arboretum.

We have a few geocaches in the arb.

We walked out to check one of the geocaches.
Unfortunately, in this fall weather, there are lots of burrs and sticky seeds!

Poor little Chip got a snootful of little tiny ones.

Guess that's why he belongs to Girl of the House. She can remove the burrs!

Then we headed to Paul's folks for birthday dinner.

Both of his brothers, and families, were there.

The two youngest grandaughters discussed the birthday candle placement with Grandma.

We had a fun dinner, and then were home in time to sit on the deck to relax.

I sampled up the new CVM fleece. Three different styles of yarn. Pictures, possibly, tomorrow.
(They're hanging, drying, in our bath.)

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