Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clockwerk asked about a certain warm sweater I began the past winter. January, actually.

It, too, has been picked up and put down multiple times. It has not traveled from state to state, as it is a bit more complicated.

It seems I last left it in a state of partial neckline completion. The right side has the edging knitted.

The left was, seemingly, abandoned.

Perhaps, as Clockwerk is about to have a major birthday, I will get on it and get the poor, armless
thing completed.

After the neckline is done, it's only the seaming up that is left. Shame to leave it so close to finished, for so long.

I've been doing some sampling of the finn fleece.

I've got a small skein of worsted weight and a small skein of lace weight.

I like 'em both.

Every morning, on my way to work, I pass this alpaca farm.

They're multiplying! See the little bitty white one?

This coming weekend is the Alpaca Farm Tour in Minnesota. Be sure to check it out, if you're in the state! There are farms all over Minnesota.

Clockwerk probably won't read this post this far down, will he?

Girl of the House is baking some special SPO (student post office) birthday love, to be posted in the mail tomorrow.


Rani said...

WOW! You have to finish that sweater! It's gorgeous!

Mmmmm. I'm off to make cookies...

Clockwerk said...

i will too read this post!
sweet! SPO cookies! i shall look forward to them! yay! also, work on this amazing sweater should be completed... :) i agree with rani!