Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another hat?

We're canning today. Girl of the House has gone to the Defeat of Jesse James Days, Northfield's annual big festival, for the afternoon.

We've made 31 pints of Salsa and 20 pints of canned tomatoes.

It would have been 22 pints of tomatoes, but two jars broke during processing

Yay, salsa!

I finished this hat from handspun earlier this week.

I really don't know who's going to wear all these hats.

But it's good to use up some of these little skeins.

A sample skein. I have a coopworth lamb fleece, aging in my stash. I added some scraps from the recent hats, and carded them up together.

Makes a pretty, slubby, yarn.

By the way, our little dog is a pervert.

This is one of last year's (male) kittens.

I know, it's just not right...


Lisa said...

That cat looks super cheesed off. Yummy looking salsa. My hubby made some more this weekend while I was away. I'm hoping the weather holds so we can get a few more tomatoes to vine ripen before frost!

Rani said...

OMG! I'm snorting coffe out my nose. That silly pup.

I wish I new how to can better. I've tried but it is such an overwhelming job and then I get like three jars of something. I would kill to have homemade salsa.

Love the hat. You can never have too many homemade hats to choose from!!

Ellen said...

So, what's your salsa recipe? I've been experimenting with canning recipes but mine always seem mushy.