Friday, June 13, 2008

The Story of the Lettuce

This is my salad spinner.
I wrap lettuce in a dishtowel, tie a few knots, take it out to the deck and spin it 'round and 'round.

A few years ago, I put the lettuce in a favorite vintage embroidered tea-towel. (Perhaps a bit too vintage.)

I went out to the deck and gave it a spin. There was a ripping noise, and the lettuce launched itself at great speed to the west, into the pasture. My salad quite literally became rabbit food. "Honey, what would you like instead of salad tonight?"

Here's how close the deck is to the pasture...

Do I have a real salad spinner? Why, yes I do. But I use it for spinning out fiber, dyed and undyed. One must have priorities...

My only fiber work lately has been the alpaca seaman's scarf, and that's been very sporadic.

Doesn't lace look less than impressive while it's in progress?

We've been chasing the Girl of the House around to soccer. Not many relaxing evenings at home.

We've got two weekend soccer tournaments coming up, and Paul is still working weekends.

July - yeah, July - we're definitely going camping in July!!

I didn't get in to SOAR this fall. I was waitlisted two years ago, and I've been waitlisted again. They had so many people sign up, they held a lottery for acceptance.

On one hand, it's very cool that there are that many spinners. On the other hand, I REALLY WANTED TO GO! I'm fourth in line for my class of choice. I'll wait a month or so and see if I get in - but I'm not counting on it.

(Maybe this means I'll have to hit some more fiber festivals and spend some of the money I've budgeted for SOAR!)

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