Sunday, June 15, 2008

PC vs Mac

Well, heck....

I just looked at my blog with my work PC. (Can't do that while I'm at work - it's blocked.)

And it's quite different!

The pictures are all over the place!!

Nine times out of ten,, I've got all the pictures aligned on the left. Looks great on my little MacBook!

Guess I need to check that out more often! Frankly, I had never even considered that was a possiblity.

Yeah, that's kinda sad. Checking in on work on Sunday night. Does this mean I'm getting all grown up?

Hey, if it's ugly - feel free to let me know! I want it to be pretty...

1 comment:

coleen~ said...

i've never had a problem with how it comes out on Windows. may have been the settings causing problems?? it was great to see you on Saturday!