Saturday, June 14, 2008

High Water

The Cannon River is running fast and high, nothing near the disastrous floods so many are stricken with, but still worth commenting on...

I run through the Carleton Arboretum. One of the paths I enjoy runs fairly close to the river.

This morning on my run, I came across a spot with its very own current!
The river was rushing through this area on its way to low ground.

The water came over my knees. It was go back, or go through.

We went through.

Rather, I went through, then went back for the dog and went through again.

I seem to have the only big black lab-cross that doesn't like water.

I took him off leash, thinking he would find his way across more easily without being tied.

So he stood back and watched. I could not verbally coax him across.

I went back, put him back on leash, and dragged him through.

Not sure what other breed he is, but obviously that breed doesn't like water!

(Cell phone pics - not so good, I know)

1 comment:

Guinifer said...

Those labs are really just big babies aren't they? Ours will go in if we throw something for him to chase...