Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slow Sunday

The start of a garter stitch cuff hat for the Girl of the House.

This is from the BFL from Shepherd's Harvest, spun up back in May.

Man, I still LOVE this fiber!

Mostly chores around the house today, but I worked in a few fun things.

Some sun-dyeing.

I carded up some merino silk, dyed last summer.

(Yeah, I felted it a bit in the dyeing.)

I'd spun a little bit of it with a spindle before this. It was draftable, but just barely...

Laundry was done.

Lawn was mowed. Even the paths in the pasture...

We got the camper ready to go for the holiday weekend.

Truth be told, we haven't totally gotten it cleaned out from the trip to Padre Island in March.

There was still sand from the beach in all the cracks and crevices in the camper.

All the linen came out, had sand shaken out, was washed, and hung on the line to dry. (Yay, sun dryed sheets!)

Buy groceries some evening early this week, and we're ready. Yay! First camping trip this year. Between Paul's work schedule and Girl of the House's soccer, this is the first chance we've had. I am SO looking forward to this!!

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Guinifer said...

How do you do it all and work too? Holy moly!