Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a childless week

We spent Saturday with extended family at the lake home of Paul's brother, in early celebration of Father's Day.

There was plenty of good food, fun games, and visiting.

I even got some spinning done.

One of his brothers was pretty funny, holding up his hand and announcing the number of times I dropped the spindle. (And there were plenty!)

I finished the logwood dyed alpaca - the last two ounces are on this spindle. Now, just to ply it. It felt good to get some spinning done. There hasn't been enough fiber time this summer.

Girl of the House went off to Camp Pepin on Sunday. This will be her fifth year. She's excited to see her brother, the waterfront director at camp, too!

We had a sunny drive along Lake Pepin. After dropping her, Paul and I did five geocaches.

Then home to sit on the deck for the remainder of the evening.

Poof, before you know it, the moon is coming up.

An everpresent problem - too little weekend...

The hibiscus is getting ready to bloom.

It's a beautiful cool morning, and I'm off to work.


Lisa said...

Love the drop spindle. The yarn looks good too.

What a quiet week you will have!

Hoping the water goes down in your neck of the woods.

Our rivers and lakes are up, but our state has been in a 'drought' state the past 5yrs so things are seemingly normal or rising.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Geocaching huh? Cool! My son and I do that here in St. Cloud.

AND... Lake Pepin is one of our favorite day trip destinations every year. :-)