Monday, June 30, 2008


Here's the dyed rovings, dried on the line.

This was a pound of punta top (the same fiber Brown Sheep uses to spin some of its yarn) from Detta's Spindle.

Divided by 'eyeballing' it. Final weight - 229 gms for the greens and blues, 103 for the orange/yellow, and 119 for the purple/blues. Not bad for a quick division, eh?

I couldn't resist, and put some of the purple/blues on the Suzie Pro.

Sat on the deck, spinning, while our supper of stuffed peppers baked.

Yup, still love this wheel!

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Lisa said...

Just went to Brown Sheep Co. YESTERDAY! Got a personal tour and went waist deep (head first) into boxes & boxes of roving. $5/lb. Came home with bags and bags. Even got some nylon FREE. They wanted me to try and spin it with my wheel.

I got to meet Mr. Brown himself & get pictures taken. It was my Christmas/New Year's/Birthday rolled into one. I will post pictures once my mother downloads them off her camera.