Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When I'm a Pirate

When I'm a pirate, I'm not going to have a parrot on my shoulder, I'm going to have a cat...

Ben is home from college for a short two weeks.

He'll be returning to Camp Pepin for the summer, where he will be the waterfront director. (In charge of the swimming and boating areas)

In the meantime, he's relaxing and enjoying some pet snuggling.

Sunday, we did one of the most fun caches we've seen.

It was named "Prehistoric Playground". You're quick, I bet you can see why...

The dirty alpaca plied up nicely, and washed clean. It actually turned out better than I hoped.

104 yards, 72 grams.

And it goes into the basket with no project in mind...

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Lisa said...

Nice alpaca! Wish I had something to show you. I haven't figured out my wheel yet. A lady from the local guild is going to show me the basics to get started on Saturday. For now, I will just sit and stare at it :)