Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm not very good at sitting in darkened rooms and listening to trainers. It's interesting, it's useful, but my eyes start to cross, and I get very sleepy.

I fought it Monday, but Tuesday I finally broke out the sock in the afternoon.

Here's where it stood Wednesday after class. I finished it today, and began its mate.

In more fun news, on the advice of the seminar coordinator, we went to Newport, RI last evening!

It's less than an hour from here. My fellow trainee has a really cool GPS, and it directed us right there!

We walked to Goat Island, passing the Newport Shipyards on the way.

It was full of sailboats - Ben would love it.

I think someday you'll see it for yourself, college boy.

We walked into town. It's still winter season, so they roll the sidewalks up at 5:00. We walked along the ocean with runners and local folk pushing baby
strollers and those walking their dogs.

We walked away from the main drag and up into the residential areas. We strolled by this cool church. The six o'clock chimes went off as we looked through the graveyard at the ancient headstones. Way cool...

We went to Fort Adams, built in the 1800s, and looked around.

We drove Bellevue avenue and Ocean Drive. Mansions! Lots and lots of mansions!

Stopped along Ocean Drive. The ocean smells different here than it does in Texas, Florida, or Washington/Oregon. It's difficult to describe - much more 'tangy'.

We left Newport, going across the Newport bridge to Providence.

It was well worth the $2 toll.

Now, tonight, we're braindead after training.

It's time to start thinking about supper.

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Lorraine said...

Hey, hey, hope you get this when you get home (or before). E-mail me at ldmmnusaATyahooDOTcom and I'll send you my cell phone number so we can meet for lunch. Although I'm pretty sure if I wander by the spinning class right before the lunch break, I'll know ya' by sight.