Saturday, May 3, 2008

Please come to Boston in the springtime...

(Extra points to anyone who remembers that Loggins & Messina song.)

I'm off to Boston tomorrow for training. It's the first work travel I've ever done. There are three of us going.

I'm excited. I don't know the other gals very well. They work in other departments and we're only acquaintances. I am looking forward to getting to know them better.

Luckily, we each have our own hotel room. :0)

I'll return home on Friday evening.

So, what do you pack when you'll be gone most of a week?

A sweater, socks, the beginnings of a lace scarf, and a spindle, of course!!

Oh, and some clothing and my computer...

Out in the arb today for a run.

The greenery is beginning to spring from the burned area.

The wooded areas are full of wildflowers.

Friday movie night pic of the frecklegirl and her little dog. (So I can look at it when I'm away.)

Friday night movie - "The Golden Compass".

Excellent flick. We saw it in the theater with Ben. Of course, he let us know that the movie ending is NOT the book ending. Good flick, nonetheless.

Best song on the iPod while running - 'Real Good Looking Boy" by the Who.
5.4 miles today/ 12.3 this month.

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coleen~ said...

have a great time in Boston. Do some sight seeing & pay homage to the Boston Tea Party.... some of the little alley ways have some great spots for dinner.
wish I were with would be loads of fun!