Saturday, May 17, 2008

Todays Agenda

Lawn mowing!

It's May 17, and we haven't mowed YET!

Paul's been working long hours - to work in the dawn, home after dark. He takes Sundays off and I hate to see him do chores on his one day off.

My new full time hours are still taking some adaptation on our part.

In the past, I worked four days a week. My off day, I could do the shopping and errands, and do more work around the house (like mow the lawn).

We'll figure it out yet!

When I'm not at work, I've been chasing Girl of the House around from activity to activity.

Traveling soccer began a month ago, but they had their first game this week.

Go Raiders!

I finished navajo plying the BFL. It turned out very pretty.

GotH would like a hat, and perhaps some fingerless mitts. She claimed this fiber as soon as she got a look at it.

Last evening I spun up the brown alpaca I bought last weekend.

I only had three ounces of it, and that's plenty. It's not perfectly clean - my hands actually got dirty spinning it. Lots of chaff. Quite a bit came out, and I'll get the rest out when I ply.

Truth be told, I purchased it because the vendor was such a friendly outgoing fellow, and after a nice conversation, I felt too guilty to not purchase something.

It'll turn out nice after plying and washing, though, I think...

I still LOVE this Majacraft Alpaca wheel! I've been spinning in various chairs, and on the sofa, and haven't found an uncomfortable position yet. My Lendrum is a bit more particular - it's definitely easier to spin in certain chairs/positions. And it's so quiet!

Took a (three hour drive, one way) with co-workers to Aitkin, MN this week. We were evaluating a software product we're planning to roll out in July. It was a very useful trip, we got lots of helpful ideas.

I didn't have to drive, so it was lots of knitting time! Second Happy Feet sock will be done soon!

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