Monday, May 5, 2008

Made it to Boston last night after an hour and a half delay in the departure time of the flight , then a half hour of circling Logan.

One of my co-workers decided to rent a car rather than take a taxi to the hotel. It was quite the adventure driving to our hotel. She had a handy GPS though, so it went pretty slick.

We got to our rooms around 9:45. A quick check in, fire up the computers to check things out, then we met at the bar for a nightcap. (Yes, I brought my cute little MacBook, and my work computer. Perhaps, in retrospect, this wasn't really necessary...)

Our class is not far from our hotel. There is a golf course at our hotel. And this is the golf course on the grounds of the training facility at Meditech.

Nice perk, having a golf course on your grounds, eh?

My co-workers golf, so they were drooling!

Luckily, they shut the blinds in the training room. "To facilitate the projector image" they said, but I
think it was to keep our attention on the training!

We had dinner at Legal Seafood. Delicious!!
(And fancy pomegranate margaritas, too)

Then we headed deeper into Boston.


I tried to be inconspicuous, taking pics outside, but I guess we just became Tourists with a Capital T.

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Lisa said...

How can you be a tourist when you go to the place where, "everybody knows your name..."

You would have only been considered a tourist if you asked where "Norm" was.