Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Girl of the House and I drove down to Decorah, IA last evening to get some of Ben's stuff. He's done with college for this year.

He needed us to bring the Tahoe to get his loft home. (He'll use it again next year.)

"And can you take some more stuff?"

You see the back is pretty full, and he's still getting more, to the right of the photo.

Yeah, pretty full. And it's still pretty full - I'm only bringing in one armload each time I come in the house. If there is still stuff in the truck on Friday when he gets home, he'll unload the rest...

I'm getting to know my new wheel, spinning the Blue Faced Leicester from Shepherd's Harvest.

Three ounces spun, just one ounce left. Gorgeously prepared and dyed fiber.

I plan to Navajo ply.

Oooh, I'm happy with this wheel!

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Lisa said...

It is absolutely GORGEOUS! It makes me antsy for mine.