Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reminder: ALWAYS label your handspun!

We were up early this morning. According to the weather service, it was going to be a rainy day.

We were out before the rain began. We did two geocaches, then returned home and settled in as the rain began.

After being out in the cool overcast morn, we had a big brunch. Most Sundays at home, we have eggs benedict and Bloody Marys for brunch. Paul makes the BEST fried potatoes!

Today was another success.

Contributing to the success - the eggs I get from a coworker. Home grown, free range eggs - at a price lower than storebought!

Paul worked on more flooring finishing. He's to the point where it really is a one-person job.

I blocked Osterdalen.

After it's dry, I'll cut out the neckline, seam the shoulders, and sew in the sleeves.

I've got a pile of knit goods that need repairs. Might as well begin with this one. Handspun alpaca seaman's scarf. When I went to wear it the other day, I noticed this icky bit at the castoff. I don't know what happened, but obviously it needs repair.

Should be a fairly simple quick fix, don't you think?

Nope! More raveling was needed than I expected. And the alpaca was sticky and difficult to ravel.

About this point, after many heavy sighs, I changed my drink from a bottle of water to a beer. (It's five o'clock SOMEWHERE!)

Because I raveled more than I expected, I went searching for some leftover yarn.

Did I have success? What do YOU think?

I really need to put labels on all these skeins. And this was just one basket!

Lots of white yarn, but no alpaca as best I could tell.

At last, I prevailed.

I raveled a few more rows than I had hoped, but unless someone holds it up and measures, no-one should notice that one side is a few rows shorter.

Lesson #2 - Save some yarn from each project for repairs. Don't knit up every last inch.


Lisa said...

I'm loving the 'just one basket' of yarn. I have lots of those (except they're in boxes). Lovely stash.

Very excited about the sweater coming together, it looks really good so far.

Lisa said...

Is the sweater done yet? I have been very lazy about knitting lately. I'm thinking I'm feeling the 'end of the year crunch time' and I only teach kindergarten! How I long for summer...sitting and knitting/spinning. My friend is digging out her wheel, it only cost me a hank of Cherry Tree Hill and One (?) sock yarn. It's almost like Christmas, I'm on the edge of my seat :)