Sunday, April 20, 2008

Steeking Osterdalen

On Saturday, Paul had to work.

I finally went to my sewing table and steeked Osterdalen.

Because I continued knitting in the round, rather than back and forth at the top, I needed to cut a neckline.

I used a bright red yarn to mark where I wanted the neckline.

I placed the sleeves to determine the depth needed for the steek.

I marked the location and length of the steek with the contrasting yarn.

Off to the sewing machine.

I stitched on both sides of the marking yarn.

I prefer to use short, narrow zigzag stitches. (Maximum placement of stitch fixation!)

There are two rows of stitches on both sides of the sleeve steeks.

Be brave, take a deep breath - and CUT!

Once I finished all the knit sewing and cutting, I was inspired to do some additional sewing.

I finished three denim box bags and one pretty little checked bag.

I cut out pieces for eight more bags.
Now, I need to return to the sewing room!

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Lisa said...

OOooooOOoooOOOoooOOoh! I'm very nervous seeing those scissors so close to the yarn! You are brave. I'm very excited for you.

Cute bags. I can't stop making them, my sister demanded one when she saw them. A friend told me that it would make a great bag to strap to a stroller. She suggested a longer strap with a button/velcro closure and enough space inside to fit portable wipes. I'm going to try one out for a co-worker of mine.