Saturday, April 5, 2008

I picked Osterdalen out of its basket a few nights ago.

Only 13 more rows, and I'm done to the shoulders!

Then, the STEEKING shall commence.

Paul worked on some of the finishing of the new flooring today, while I did minor household chores. Girl of the House was in town with her buddies.

After deciding that enough work had been accomplished, Paul and I set out to make a new cache.

Here, he's taking the GPS readings for the cache.

Can you see the cache? It's in plain sight.

Look straight up the trunk of the tree, then off to the right. There is a branch dangling. The cache is in that branch - it's a film canister inserted inside. Paul drilled out the inside of the branch for the film canister. The branch had a smaller branch attached, and so it hangs off one of the real branches. Unless you knew it was there, you'd never notice.

Cool, eh?

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