Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yesterday we divided up the floor tasks. After moving the furniture and pulling up the carpet and padding, we each took a job.

Paul started installing the flooring in the clean open space.

My assignment was pulling up the remaining scraps of pad, held in place by big staples. The people who installed the padding went CRAZY with staples!

We made a pretty good dent in it, and expect to finish the majority of it today.

We missed our traditional Friday night family movie/pizza night, so we did it last evening. We watched "Grumpy Old Men". It's still hilarious. I forgot how funny it could be.

I tried to knit on Osterdalen, but I couldn't look at the pattern charts and the screen. I chose to watch the movie. So I picked up the fairly mindless Alpaca Sox.
Managed to get halfway through the heel gusset.

Yes, 14 year old Reggie had to have a look while I tried to take this picture.

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