Monday, March 31, 2008

The well traveled sweater

Osterdalen has been to Texas and back.

It got tucked into this basket, just under my spindle bag. The basket remained untouched for the whole trip. Doing colorwork on the long drive leaves me no time to sightsee, so I didn't work on it in the truck. Knitting a big sweater on the beach didn't sound fun, either.

The spindle didn't come out to play either. Ah, well, half the fun of a trip is planning possible projects.

I did finish the Alpaca Sox on the trip.

Started some new socks, too.

It's been snowing like crazy all day. Guess we made it home just in time...

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Lorraine said...

Sounds like you had a surprising homecoming after an awesome trip. Glad the thunderstorms that came with this storm system seemed to miss you. (Or did they?)