Friday, March 21, 2008

March is Food Shelf Month in Minnesota.

My hospital does many things to raise money for the food shelf. One of our activities is a silent auction. I entered this little baby Surprise Jacket that's been marinating with my stash.

I was quite pleased when it sold to one of the execs for $25. Not too bad for something knitted out of leftovers!

Several people asked if I would knit a baby sweater for them. I'll have to contemplate that a bit. It would have to be for pleasure. There certainly isn't enough money in the proposition, as all you hand-crafters know!

We're off to Texas for spring break. It's snowing like crazy right now, and scheduled to continue. We're taking the camper, so we don't know if we'll leave this evening or Saturday morning. Have to check the weather in more depth later!

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coleen~ said...

hope you have a safe trip!