Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Warm weather here today! High of 48 degrees at 3:35 this afternoon. Hope of spring!!

Of course, warm weather leads to slushy melting snow. Which leads to people overdriving the conditions on the curve of our gravel road.

This fella was glad to see Paul and the Girl of the House come to help him out before supper.
At least he didn't take out our mailbox!

Work continues slowly on the new flooring. Only the living room is left. We need to find a place to put all the living room stuff - including the piano. Moving some of this big stuff is a pain!

I've slowed some on Osterdalen. I sliced my index finger with the bread knife on Sunday, and when I knit it hurts! I've started a weird adapted hold, but it's slow.

See the small hole near the needles? Don't panic, it's just the cast off for the neck placket steek.

Next row, I actually get to begin some colorwork. YAY!

Carry around Alpaca Sox are growing in fits and starts while I'm at lunch break.

Boy, I like this yarn. It's very soft and silky. I hope it wears OK.

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